4 Foolproof Traffic Generation Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic

Web traffic simply means the number of visitors that visit a site. Organic web traffic on the other hand refers to targeted traffic. They come to a site by specifically looking for a product or service it offers. This post will show you effective traffic generation strategies so that you can attract more visitors who can be potential customers.

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Are all Traffic Created Equal?

There are basically two kinds of web searches that matter: one type that wants information and another for making transactions. A person typing in “basic SEO tool” is just searching for information while queries like “best SEO tool” can mean he is looking to buy one.  A good website has content laden with the right keywords to address both queries.

How to Make Your Site, “THE” Site For Your Niche

1. Establish yourself as an Authority
You don’t have to have a PhD in your chosen niche to be seen as one. The key is to make “Pillar” content, according to Yaro Starak, a professional blogger from Blogmastermind.com. Creating how to’s and tutorials can increase your site’s value. Use any medium necessary – infographics, video, or step-by-step photo tutorials will do. The next best thing is to make your site a resource site – ala Wikipedia. Write as many original information rich articles, with facts and industry expert quotes. Make sure you update your content and update often to keep customers coming back.

2. Encourage Sharing
Next is to make your content viral. You can use humor or do something short of creating a controversy – give your own twist of a particular topic related to your niche. Just be wary of flaming wars. Not all publicity is good. Getting negative reviews on the web can hurt your reputation, not to mention sales.

3. Optimize Content
Now that you’ve created a site with high quality content, make sure its optimized for the right keywords. Good keywords can include what they call long tail types (“medical books for beginners”, instead of plain “medical books”) with low competition. If you’re just a beginning marketer with no marketing budget yet, you can take advantage of a lot of free online SEO tools online like TrafficTravis from Affilorama to get you started.

4. Use PayPerClick (PPC) Advertising
However, if you do have the budget for it, the book “Fusion: The New Way of Marketing” by David Taylor and David Miles recommends using Google’s text ad service to put your site head and shoulders above the rest. There’s nothing wrong with text ads as they complement all organic traffic customers to increase conversions on your affiliate links.

Just remember to keep creating that unique website experience each visitor will want to come back to. Once they get to know you and like what you have to offer, they’ll tell their friends. And that’s the best kind of advertising you can ask for.